Gambling in the Seychelles: Everything you need to know for 2020

The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago situated in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa and to the north of Madagascar. It is the only country in the region to have its own airport. There are 115 islands in total in the nation, which is made up of various smaller ones.

Even yet, with a population of approximately 96, 762 people, the capital city Victoria is located 1,500 kilometers east of the continent of East Africa and is the largest city in the country. At the same time, English and French are the official languages, and it is noteworthy to note that all types of land-based and internet gaming are permitted in the Seychelles, including lotteries. The Seychelles Gambling Act of 2014 is the most current piece of legislation pertaining to gambling in the country. There are three primary categories of licenses provided to operators that are interested in operating a gambling company under the terms of this act, which are as follows: The act establishes the legal framework for licensing and regulating businesses in the gambling industry in the Seychelles, including casino licenses, slot machine licenses, and interactive gaming licenses. Online gambling is also authorized and regulated in the Seychelles, and operators that meet the requirements may apply for a license.

In the Seychelles, a gambling license is required.

Before launching a gambling company, the interested party must get a certificate verifying the legality of the software that the operator plans to use, as well as the legality of the transactions that will be carried out. In contrast, the issuing of licenses for casinos and other forms of gambling takes happen only in jurisdictions where gaming is officially sanctioned or in which the growth of gambling does not imply the imposition of administrative or criminal liability. Operators may also get a license from the Seychelles for the registration of gaming certificates in offshore jurisdictions.

The Act (on-line) Interactive Games was passed in this area in 2003, after which the nation got the powers of the licensor and started to provide authorization to local entrepreneurs and non-residents alike to participate in these games. The most appealing aspect of establishing a gambling enterprise in the Seychelles is the total lack of taxes on both the gaming structure itself and the income generated by the enterprise.

Documents required for the registration of a gambling license in the Seychelles, as well as the associated costs

It is necessary for the interested party to gather the following papers in order to submit them as part of the obligatory materials for consideration in the Seychelles: Charter, certificate of registration and data from the state register as well as the tax authority, the regulations with conditions and rules of games on the portal of your betting platform or in a land-based casino, you must present the certificate of software supplier, as well as their licenses for the rights to develop software, data on the authorized capital and balance sheet, which must be extracted with the official legal address of the company, the physical address of the company, the physical address of the company, and the physical address of the company The cost of obtaining a license to operate a gambling enterprise in the Seychelles is determined on the number of games to be offered, among other variables.

Following the provision of a concrete cost, an examination of your company’s activities is conducted in order to evaluate whether or not the interested operator wants to execute their plans in the country.

Finally, as previously noted, all types of gambling, including internet gaming, are legal in all 50 states. When it comes to the country’s economy, the tourist industry is the most important contributor to the island’s economy, and casino tourism is thriving in the Seychelles….read more According to the latest figures released by the Seychelles National Bureau of Statistics, the number of tourists visiting the country in 2019 reached 384,204, a record high when compared to the previous year’s figure of 351,235. There are currently over five licensed casinos in the country, with the majority of them located on Mahe, the largest of the country’s islands. The Gran Kaz entertainment center, which is situated in the country’s capital Victoria, is the country’s biggest casino. The casino has over 150 slot machines to choose from. However, as previously noted, the lack of taxation for operators in the government of Seychelles makes it a very attractive location for the gaming industry.

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